My favorite photographic subject is by far animals. Whenever I get the chance to interact with creatures besides humans, I swoon. Below, I have compromised my top three tips and ways to get great pictures of animals.

Start Out Easy

If you live in an urban or suburban place like me, it is more than likely, you are not going to be 10 feet away from a lion or bear anytime soon. In that case, I suggest checking out a zoo, farm, or animal sanctuary. A lot of the below pictures are from the Toledo Zoo. This is a really simple and kind of sneaky way to get close to the world’s most beautiful beings without having to spend money on travel.

The Lens

For instances where you are far away from the subject, I would invest in a telephoto lens. These babies are so worth the price and some of my favorite photographs have come from one. I personally use the Canon 55mm – 250mm kit lens and it does just the trick. The quality is of course amazing for being a kit lens and I highly recommend.

Eye Contact

You’ll notice a lot of images of mine include the animal making eye contact. This is definitely a person choice, but I think it adds another dimension to the image and tells a stronger narrative. Eye contact from the animal makes the image feel more intentional and more professional. With this comes a lot of patience and many trial shots before you get the right photo.




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